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Embrace - PeeMonster 10/8/21

We are honored to share with you new work by PeeMonster in this incredible solo exhibition "Embrace". Opening 10/8/21

"Embrace" is a body of work that I'm using to explore the complex world of embraces... the vulnerability of allowing another person to touch you and feel who you are and synch one another's vibration to create a whole new vibration together.. baring your souls and allowing them to sing together. The vulnerability of allowing another person to feel every movement you make and theirs at once... to know that your heart beats.

I have wanted to capture this expression for so long. I want to emphasize safety. Being able to share an embrace and feeling safe and actually being safe in the other person's arms. To me, it is a pretty big deal, and to just dream or imagine that such a pure, honest, safe, perfect, and unconditional friendship and love between two being exists, that means a lot to me, and I want to create it. I want it to be real, and I want everyone in the world to experience it. I feel like in reality, such a mutual connection is kind of intangible, and as I get older I have come to realize that my desire is rather unrealistic.. it isn't realistic at all.. thus, I have created for my self a safe space within these pieces that allows these things I desire to be real, without question." -PeeMonster


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