Ana's Dollhouse

Group show of miniature 3 inch or smaller paintings from Ana and an all-star artist lineup including Dan Barry, Tiffany Liu, Krystal Davey, Canopic Studio, RFX1, Myah London-Harwell and Marcelo Verdad all displayed inside of a dollhouse. Oh, not just any dollhouse, but Ana’s dollhouse as featured on KTLA news, an episode of Tastemade, and as a comic series on Macaulay Culkin's website Inside the house is full of wonders including a phoneline directly to God, and residents like Hamien Dirst (the parody of Damien Hirst), Bansky (parody of Banksy), Chuke Lueh (a parody of Luke Chueh as a bear) all of which live in rooms adorned with master copy, hand-painted replicas of their most famous paintings sized at 3 inches or smaller. And the house is haunted including parody ghosts like Leonardo duh Vinci who is also hard at work making tiny master copies of his iconic works like The Mona Lisa and Salvator Mundi.

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