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Horrible Adorables Solo Show: Joralee Outpost and Nature Center

Hi!  Did you find one of our creatures roaming Los Angeles?  If so bring it by the UHF Gallery (517 Ocean Front Walk) any Saturday between 12-5 we have a reward for you and special treats for our lost critter!

Two Person Show from Horrible Adorables (Jordan Perme and Christopher Lees)
Opening Reception Saturday February 10th from 1pm - 5pm Show Is Free and Open to the Public
Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Gallery
517 Ocean Front Walk #18
Venice / Los Angeles, CA 90291
On display Saturday Feb 10th – Mar  10th

Gallery Hours: Saturday 12-5 / Sunday 11-2

 For years now Ohio based couple Jordan Perme and Christopher Lees have created soft sculpture fauna that are an incredible blend of cartoonish flair and lifelike realness, each a combination of frightful and enchanting.  For Joralee (a melding of their name) they have imagined a place where those creatures can gather in our real world outside the imaginary realm they sprang forth from.   Housed in a fictitious Nature Center, the show includes an entire fantasy menagerie assembled at the UHF Gallery which has been transformed into National Park Center complete with Rangers. The Outpost will be complete with a gift shop including things like Field Guide coloring books, postcards and mugs.  Hot off the recent success of their popular Familiars and Foes board game, this is the duo’s first show with UHF gallery in Southern California.  The show is free and open to the public, all art and nature center souvenirs will be available for purchase. 

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