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All the Sand

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All the Sand


Acrylic on Plexi Glass


Apple.  Penny. Table.  Remember those words, I am going to ask you to repeat them later.  I was being treated for a seizure, and although the question was posed as a test of my memory it was in fact my white coated physician’s memory that failed because it has been a year and 5+ visits since he posed that challenge and he still has not asked me about those 3 words. 

I felt like my brain was scrubbed clean, old memories now shiny and new memories feeling unfamiliar.  Other memories feeling loose and unattached as if they hadn’t happened to me, but somehow I was aware of them happening to Myah London Harwell.  Returning to making art felt bizarre, as if I was at someone else’s desk.  Tapping into an imagination that somehow felt as if I was pulling images from a warehouse I had never been in before.  

Apple. Penny. Table will feature 15 new pieces that are a walk through my new brain, and for the first time in my life I share in the surprise of seeing my creations along with the viewer, having no idea what I am making or where it is coming from.  Fifteen new pieces featuring, people, places floating in air just as they are in my head, devoid of context but saturated with emotion and nostalgia