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Love You

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Artist: Roxanne Patruznick

Title: Love You

Size: 12" X 6" + frame

Medium: oil on Panel

Roxanne Patruznick was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Drawing and painting have been a passion of hers from an early age. She studied animation at California Institute of the Arts and worked in that industry for a number of years before deciding to return to painting. Her work has been shown in galleries and museums all along the West Coast. Moving to Portland in 2005, Roxanne also began curating group shows in the city and became a member of the Portland Saturday Market, selling prints of her work to the public every weekend, a great experience to have a direct connection with buyers of her art.

In 2017 Roxanne and her husband left the U.S. for Europe and have been living as nomads from country to country ever since. She continues to paint, sell prints of her oil paintings through her online shop Gummy Empire, and has completed numerous commissioned paintings while traveling.

Though her current work isn’t directly about travel, her new lifestyle has influenced her current series. Leaving the U.S. has caused her to reflect on the past and those things that brought her delight. Living abroad during the pandemic, she noticed how the world was connected through stories, of the past, the present, as well as hopes for the future.

Aside from painting Roxanne is also a fiction writer, an avid dancer, and a sucker for French bulldogs.

Roxanne wrote this in a café in Tirana, Albania, but by the time you read this she’ll be somewhere completely different, maybe Sarajevo, but who knows. Life is unpredictable.