Jackie Avery: Having a Party

Opening Reception December 10th 2pm - 6pm

Sally Centigrade

517 Ocean Front Walk

Los Angeles, C

The show will consist of 8 new paintings from Portland based artist Jackie Avery.  As described by Jackie "It probably will not shock you to learn that I painted these pieces because I've been cooped up in my house for too long, just like the rest of the world.   I want to go to a glamorous party and see some exuberant woman standing on the table holding a champagne bottle.  I want to put on a silly hat and crack bad jokes.  Well, I guess I do that anyway.  But that's the theme behind the show.    Oh, also, all of these pieces have song lyrics for titles- songwriters are so much better with words than I am, and I shamelessly stole them when they played through my mind as I painted these pieces.  I hope you enjoy the party."
Bio:  I am Jackie Avery, a painter in Portland, Oregon.  I make acrylic paintings of people and places that I find weird or beautiful or inspirational in some way.  For that reason, I typically paint people on vacation, or in the kitchen, or engaged in a bizarre hobby.  There's always some wonderful thing I've never seen before that makes me want to paint it.  My mom is a sculptress, and my sister is a painter too, so I guess it's either in our genes or else it's all we know how to do.