Petites Luxures Solo Show Opening Reception April 20th 3pm -6pm Artist Will Be Present

Sera Alana: Bloom Ruins

Join us for Bloom Ruins a new solo show of digital prints from Sera Alana. The Bloom Ruins series features 8 new pieces, it is a surreal illustrative series featuring female portraits embedded into the buds of flowers. The series is meant to display a variety of emotions, including the pain, acceptance, and liberation that occurs in the process of personal growth and transformation.
Sera Alana, originally from Michigan, is a tattoo artist based in Chicago, Illinois. Her work typically features dark, surreal figures with an innocent disposition. With a rich background in digital illustration and comic making, Sera's artistic career evolved into tattooing in 2019, when she started her tattoo apprenticeship in Venice, California. Making her debut in Sacramento, California as a practicing tattoo artist, Sera has guest spotted in a variety of tattoo shops in Southern and Northern California. In May 2023, Sera moved to Chicago, Illinois to enter a new chapter in her tattoo career.

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