The Big Dilly Dally

In February 2020 I was surrounded by a group of close friends at a newly built brewery drinking a hard seltzer, laughing, having a great time when I turned to the group and said “things are going so well, honestly I don’t think I have a problem in the world right now”.  Things changed quickly and the following months began a foray into masks, never ending televised police violence, civil unrest, an insurrection and some very likeable drawings of retro ladies wearing sunglasses.  The big dilly dally is what comes out of 3 years of extraordinary circumstances, being dealt with in near isolation. Everything from howling out the window in support of 1st responders, to having a moving van with everything I own stolen the last 3 years were dripping with surrealness in ways that even the most powerful imagination would be shocked by.  This show is rooted in nostalgia, not for a long gone past but for that night in February when I ate cheese curds out of a bartender’s hands, when I went more than 24 hours without hearing the word unprecedented and when I had the stability of not just a comfortable routine but near constant personal contact with loving and supporting friends. All purchases will be available for delivery late October. Thank you so much for looking.

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